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København  Indbyggere: 1700000
Copenhagen Municipality: Frank Jensen
Kommunens Indbyggere: 1.7 mill
Større byCopenhagen
International Lufthavn: Copenhagen CPH
Km2: 42 km2 Område: Stor København
Region: Region Hovedstaden
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København / Copenhagen er centrum for en meget en stor del af Danmarks befolkning. Hele hovedstadsområdet (inkl.. Køge og Roskilde) bebos af 1,8 millioner mennesker - knap en tredjedel af landets befolkning.

Københavns Kommune er derimod forbavsende lille. København har omkring en halv million indbyggere og er dermed ikke engang dobbelt så stor som landets næststørste by - Århus.

Da København blev grundlagt af Absalon i 1167 lå den ganske praktisk midt i landet. Men store dele af det det daværende Danmark ligger i dag i Sverige. Selv om mange københavnere i disse år flytter til Sverige, ændrer det ikke på, at Danmarks hovedstad ligger upraktisk placeret i det yderste højre hjørne af Danmark.

Som kulturelt og erhvervsmæssigt centrum står København dog stærkere end nogensinde. Byen tiltrækker mennesker fra hele Danmark, og ofte siges det, at København er den by, hvor flest jyder bor.

Public transport Copenhagen


Copenhagen Transportation from or to Airport - Copenhagen
Copenhagen Airport is the Scandinavian hub for SAS.
The new Terminal 3 building at Copenhagen s Airport. Photo CPH-Airport.

Airport location
- Copenhagen
Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup is located 8 km south of the city centre on the island of Amager. You can get from the airport to the city by taxi - train - metro or bus. Copenhagen Airport is Scandinavia s largest airport.

- Copenhagen Airport
A taxi fare from the airport to the city centre costs around DKK 200,00. Tips
and service charges are included in price. The ride with taxi takes around 15-20 min. - depending on local trafic conditions.

Train - Copenhagen Airport
The train ride from the airport to Copenhagen Central Station (Hovedbanegården) takes about 10-15 minutes. Before getting on the train, you need to purchase a ticket at the ticket stand (DSB) located in the airport terminal. The ticket costs around DKK 25,00. Runs every 10 min.

Metro - Copenhagen Airport
From 1. October 2007 a new Metro line will be available and a ride from the airport’s Terminal 3 to the City centre (Kongens Nytorv) will take approximately 14 min.

Bus -
Copenhagen Airport
Bus number 250S runs from the airport to the city centre. A ticket costs around DKK 25,00 (for 3 zones) and can be purchased on the bus. Travel time by bus takes around 20-30 min.

Shuttle - Copenhagen Airport
There is no public Shuttle Service between CPH-Airport and City
Centre - some hotels in Copenhagen offer private Shuttle service to and from the Airport.


Free S-Trains every first Sunday
in the month.
Bicycles free on S-Trains
S-Train network in Copenhagen


Train - Copenhagen
How to get around in Copenhagen by train using the main train operator in Denmark. DSB carries some 168 million passengers every year and operates approx. 80% of passenger train services in Denmark. DSB provides rail services within Denmark and across international borders. Passenger train km totalled 57 million in 2007. The DSB Group has a turnover of DKK9.5bn and employs a staff of 9,200.

Free - Free - Free!

In 2010 it will be free to take your bicycle with you on the

In 2010 the S-Trains offers free transport every first Sunday in the month.


Local yellow bus
Bus network in Copenhagen

Local B
usses - Copenhagen
How to get around in Copenhagen by bus with Movia - who is the main bus servise operator in Copenhagen. Search here for timetables. Just click on or enter the name of the bus service for which you wish to see the timetable. Or you may find it by entering the name of a station or a road that is serviced by the bus. You cannot search on roads that cross the service of the bus.

Tours with local busses through Copenhagen


Route map for busses - trains and Metro

Route map for busses - trains and Metro.
Parking guide in and around Cpenhagen.
Fully automatic Metro trains

Field s Shopping Mall
Metro to the Airport
Metro - Copenhagen
The Metro links between the large urban areas to the east and west with the city centre acting as the base.
Using the 2 Metro Lines in Copenhagen gives you a fast and simple way to tour around in and outside of the city 24 hours of the day. The Metro trains are fully automatic - but have well trained personal on board. The trains departures every 4 min. and the passengers can buy single or multi tour tickets in all Metro stations at the ticket machines.

There are 2 main Metro Lines:

– runs both ways from Vanløse Station – west of Copenhagen to the isle of Amager – south of Copenhagen called Vestamager. The Metro Station at Ørestad is the busiest on the entire route due to the location of Scandinavia’s biggest shopping mall Field s. The entire trip will take about 23 min. and passes 2 zones. A single-ride two-zone ticket costs DKK 19,00 for adults and children under the age of twelve travel free when accompanied by an adult

– runs both ways from Vanløse Station to Copenhagen Airport at Kastrup on the isle of Amager. The Metro route M2 takes you through the inner city of Copenhagen – the Christianshavns Canals and end at the Airport. On this line the Matro passes many tourists venues and attractions. The entire trip will take about 26 min. and passes 3 zones.

The yellow Harbour ferries

The Harbour Busses - Copenhagen - 901 - 902 - 903

Sightseeing with the Harbour Busses
The Harbour Bus is an exciting contribution to the townscape of Copenhagen and makes several daily crossings in Copenhagen s Harbour visiting the port to Holmen and Christianshavn - Opera House - Nordre Toldbod - Little Mermaid - Nyhavn and the Royal Library. The ticket price for a tour around the harbour area is DKK 20,00.


Look for Taxa sign on the roof
Taxies - Copenhagen City

All taxies are provided with a registration number and a Taxa sign on the roof.
If the Taxi is vacant a word "Fri" (free) will be displayed. Most driver speak English and German and are committed to find the faster and cheapest way to customers required end destination.

All prices are included VAT, service and tips.

Starting taxi fare is DKK 19,- Ordering taxi from hotel etc. the fee
is DKK 32,00.

There are many "Pirate Taxies" in Copenhagen and we highly recommend you not to take one of these – due to lack of proper insurance and other type of legal protection.
Free City Bikes in Copenhagen
Copenhageners just love their bicycles and nobel cycle culture.

Free City Bikes in Copenhagen

The City Bikes are placed in racks around the city centre for anyone to use. Just insert a DKK 20-kroner coin in the deposit lock and after use return to one of the 120 racks and collect stations located around the inner city. The coin will then be returned to the user, when locking the cycle to the rack. Many tourists find a great pleasure in exploring Copenhagen by bike on the many cycle paths. The City Bike system was established in 1995 with 2000 free cycles.

Bicycle-Friendly Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the most Bicycle-Friendly cities in the world – with over 300 km separated bicycle paths in and around the city and is known as “the city of bikes”. Almost every Copenhagener owns a cycle and 35% of the everyday street commuters are one of the 500,000 daily cyclists and motionist in the city.

Copenhageners have been cycling back and fourth in the city for more that 100 years - and have gained a certain form of noble cycle culture.


Tourist Guide


Search here for timetables in Danish. Just click on or enter the name of the bus service for which you wish to see the timetable. Or you may find it by entering the name of a station or a road that is serviced by the bus. You cannot search on roads that cross the service of the bus.


Get an overview with the maps. The various maps show you the individual bus routes.
The maps are in *.pdf format (Acrobat Reader).

The large map 
All daytime buses in the entire Copenhagen metropolitan area

The fastest bus connections in town and country

Map of terminals
See where the buses stop at traffic terminals and stations

Night buses in the City
Around in Central Copenhagen all night long.

Night buses in Greater Copenhagen
To and from Central Copenhagen at night.

Regional night buses
Long bus rides in the middle of the night

Fares, ticket types and zone cards

The fare table gives you a quick view of the fares of the most common tickets and cards.
If you have any doubts as to the fare of your journey, you can look up you journey at Rejseplanen and get information on fares of tickets, discount bus cards and time discount cards.

The Harbour Bus

The Harbour Bus is an exciting contribution to the townscape of Copenhagen and makes several daily crossings of the port to Holmen and Christianshavn from Nordre Toldbod, Nyhavn and the Royal Library.

Here you will find the shipping lanes and sailing timetables of the Harbour Bus number 901, 902 and 903.

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